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Vallarta Super Markets





About the project:

As you sit at the long bar on a comfy stool enjoying a craft draft IPA in the Sayulita Tap Room, you have to remind yourself that you’re in a supermarket.


A Vallarta supermarket, to be exact. 


Welcome to Sayulita Tap Room in the Indio, CA, location of the popular supermarket chain. It’s the first Vallarta with a bar, created by the Collective as an unparalleled hospitality experience serving Indio and the rest of the surrounding Coachella Valley.


With capacity for more than 150 patrons, Sayulita Tap Room (STR) is Valley’s go-to destination to relax with friends and loved ones.


Wood accents abound, and with amber-stained windows and authentic Mexican chandeliers to enhance the ambiance, STR is an enticing place that’s the talk of the neighborhood.


It’s a dynamic scene: customers cheering for their local and national sports teams on an array of flat screens, heads bobbing and hips moving in rhythm to vibrant Latin music, and laughter is everywhere as people enjoy drinks and nibble on tasty fare from the STR “cocina”.


A bold, colorful design adds to the vibe; it’s reminiscent of the picturesque Mexican beach town of Sayulita in the state of Nayarit - about 20 miles northwest of Puerto Vallarta. Contemporary graphics and colorful, indigenous-inspired shapes complement the palette of natural woods and textures.


Depending on your mood and seating availability, you have the choice to pull up to the bar, sit at a high-top table, or relax on the lounge furniture in the main tap room. As the hours pass from early afternoon to early evening, the room is bathed in various shadows and light as the desert sun filtering through the amber and orange-stained windows to paint the room with unforgettable colors.


Or you can take it outside to the large patio to enjoy the year-round sunshine and fresh desert air. The elongated patio features retro modern furniture to unwind on, with hanging string lights and papel picado for added color and a festive atmosphere. A mural of the world-famous Coachella Valley Ferris wheel completes the simple yet eclectic look.


The Sayulita Tap Room is designed to elevate the Vallarta Supermarket experience, a place where locals and visitors alike can take a few moments from their busy lives and daily shopping to relax with friends and loved ones.


This forward-thinking result at the Indio supermarket has enhanced the overall customer experience and is the example that new or revamped Vallarta locations will emulate going forward.

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