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Vallarta Supermarkets 


Anaheim, CA

Indio, CA

Winnetka, CA

Arleta, CA



About the project:

Vallarta Supermarket hired the Collective to refresh stores throughout their franchise, making the locations more attractive not only to younger Millennials but also to a broader, more diverse customer base.


Among the many qualities that has always made Vallarta a draw in any community was it’s traditional Pueblo Mexican look - from its outer architecture to its interior design. And it’s always been a big hit, particularly to a market with such heavy familial ties to Mexico.


But Vallarta officials wanted to transform the look to make it more modern, more elevated, and more attractive, without losing their Latino heritage-inspired feel to meet the needs of the ever-evolving neighborhoods of which they are such an integral part.


Generally speaking, they wanted to improve everything from the ambiance and products to aesthetics and overall experience. For example, they wanted to upgrade their prepared foods and beverage options to have better ingredients and more sought-after, unique brands on par with those from popular Mexican QSR brands. Aesthetically, they wanted stores to look cleaner, more casual, more festive, and more colorful with simple yet effective architecture inspired by the most distinctive qualities of the brand. 


Specifically speaking, the Indio project was tailored to meet the particular needs of its community. Located in what was a sleepy strip mall but with easy access to the nearby Showcase Freeway, this Vallarta Supermarket was developed from scratch inside an old Marshall’s store.


Management had a bold vision for this supermarket: to be a destination in the Indio social scene, with a high-end look and feel.


It features an array of specialty sections that cater to a variety of needs: an in-house bakery, tortilleria, floral shop, meat department, and a food court called “La Cocina”.


What makes this Vallarta unique is that it’s the first one with a real bar. Complete with both indoor and outdoor seating areas, the full-service Sayulita Tap Room is named after the market's own Mexican lager beer and offers a fine selection of Mexican wines and hand-crafted cocktails, as well. It seats up to 150 patrons, who can relax with good food and drinks while watching their favorite sports on an array of flat screen TVs.


To elevate the franchise in the eyes of anyone who visits took vision, bold concepts, and a little magic! Wood accents throughout, amber stained windows, and authentic Mexican chandeliers are among the attention to detail that has transformed the entire layout of the space.


It’s no wonder it’s become a hot, go-to place in the community!


The Indio Vallarta Supermarket has not only enhanced the overall customer experience with a forward-thinking result but also taken it to a new level. It’s the prototype for future franchise locations, whether new or revamped, and more are in the works. The Collective is looking forward to working with Vallarta on these upcoming projects.


2022 Project Update: Vallarta Anaheim has been has officially been completed.  This complete redesign was completed during night hours with minimal disruptions to keep sales while overhauling the appearance to help this location increase profits. We transformed and modernized both the interior and exterior of the Anaheim location. This is a great example of the complete evolution of our decor package for this brand. We are continue renovations for the entire chain.






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