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Glendale, CA

Glassell Park, CA
Altadena, CA
Clairmont, CA
Northridge, CA
Santa Ana, CA
Van Nuys, CA




Super King Markets

About the project:

Super King, the popular supermarket chain offering international fare, has worked with the Collective on several occasions for various projects throughout Southern California, with several more already in the works and more in the planning stages. No matter the project scope, the goal is always to achieve ownership’s vision: 


Make Super King’s day-to-day operation more functional, and more aesthetically pleasing for a friendlier, more elevated customer experience.


For example, we were approached to overhaul liquor departments throughout the franchise and transform them from after-thoughts to community destinations. We brought their vision to life, with the end result not just an appealing place to pick up a $1000 bottle of cognac but also an experience when looking for a $10 bottle of wine. On several occasions, we reimagined adjacent spaces, such as a bakery or international deli, for an all-encompassing ambiance that locals can seek out and enjoy.


The Super King in Glendale, CA, after acquisition of a location that was home to a grocery store previously, was built virtually from scratch. The transformation was multi-faceted, starting with a departure from the bright, colorful palette for which Super King is known into one that’s warmer, more neutral, and more serene, with emphasis on wood accents and shades of black, gray, and off-white. Accent lighting was added to complement the decor elements, with bold graphics and photography adding a touch of flair. In addition to enhancing all departments and enlarging the produce section, we updated the design of such details as the merchandisers, bakery tables, and produce bins.


Currently, we’re working on a brand new Super King in Anaheim, CA, where we’ll be replacing an older store by developing the new one in the space next door. It will be a brand new building, so our design input encompasses everything from the facade of the exterior to the graphics and interior architecture.


Super King ownership always has a vision for their stores. They think of everything, too, with great attention to detail, from how many spices in the meat department to the size and number of freezers throughout the store. We work hand-in-hand with ownership to immerse ourselves in their vision so we can interpret their ideas accordingly and bring them to fruition. The end result is a premium experience that store patrons soak in while still enjoying the affordable prices for which Super King is known.



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