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The Kroger Co.


Santa Monica, CA



About the project:

Ralph’s reached out to the Collective to help give new life to the elevated concept of their franchise: Ralphs Fresh Fare. It’s their upscale format with a more extensive line of fresh offerings in the bakery, seafood, deli, and meat departments, with expanded selections of wine and spirits (including a wine cellar), as well as a wide range of prepared foods targeting the lunch and dinner crowds. 


In this case, they wanted to incorporate a “farmhouse” appeal with local, neighborhood touches at each location of the deluxe Fresh Fare throughout Southern California.


Starting with their Fresh Fare location in Santa Monica, the concept is highlighted throughout the interior of each store by lots of environmentally-friendly materials, including locally-sourced reclaimed woods, natural fibers, cork, recycled board, etc.. The design of the decor is a departure from what you’d expect at a traditional grocery store, in which each department’s name is featured overhead (e.g., Bakery, Seafood, etc.). Instead this design is meant to evoke more of a farmhouse ambiance, with bold graphics that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.


This concept is currently in full motion in locations across the breadth and width of Los Angeles County and into Orange County and San Diego County.

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