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Frazier Farms Market


La Mesa, CA



About the project:

Founded in 1971, Frazier Farms is an independent family-owned grocery store known for its quality, mostly organic selection of everything from choice meats to fresh produce purchased from local farmers across the country. They approached the Collective to help build their brand by creating a modern take on the “from the farm” look and feel.


For their brand-new La Mesa location, completed in 2020 inside a former Best Buy, the idea was to produce a store with a clean, crisp look while keeping a fresh, light, natural feel for their customers to enjoy.


From the moment you walk through their doors, you’ll immediately notice the focus on natural elements throughout the store. Cedar and other wood species are featured, combined with vintage graphics and artisan-type tiles for an agrarian feel that evokes that of a vintage farmer’s market but reimagined for the modern world.


The color palette is geared toward complementing the products through a concept we developed that’s designed to enrich the presentation of the goods. For example, a cool gray-blue palette was chosen for the mixed nuts section, with vibrant orange and red hues for the produce and floral departments. This attention to contrasting detail and color combinations delivers a singular ambiance to a given department, providing the shopper with a casual yet elevated experience.


The end result adheres to the Frazier family’s belief that without offering premium products or providing an exceptional environment, there’s no value for the shopper. It also inspired plans, currently in the works, to expand and update their Oceanside and Vista locations by emulating the design and ambiance of this La Mesa store.

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